App ID

create a text and go to the Action menu on the right hand side menu. How do you get Whatsapp ID or Google wallet ID ?
Thank you

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See this thread

go to Play Store and download the Package names app, open it and you will see the apps that are installed on your phone.
Try running simple adb commands

adb connect (your watch IP address & enable debugging)
adb shell
pm list packages

You will get an output list like this

The app ID is the text after package:

You should be able to create a new thread in the Watch Face Studio forum home. If you aren’t able to let me know.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you. I will give a try
Thnx again

Thank you Ron.
I was able to make Google Wallet work with that application’s name ID.
even whatsapp is working now.
it was my mistake , some texts covering the ares of the others by mistake…
thank you Ron anyways

Hi, I’m sending you the “almost” complete list of apps on the watch. I also used com.whatsapp and it works.
list system.txt (9.0 KB)
list user.txt (1.6 KB)


yep I just found the problem… it’s my mistakes.
some of the other texts were covering the finger touch a little bit of the google and whatsapp texts.
I will fix that. sorry my mistake, i didn’t see it.

it’s been fixed… everything is working properly with no issues…
Thank you so much Mayalona anyways…