Where can I find App ID?

When customizing an open app in an action, I need to insert an App ID.
Then where can I get the App ID?

You can get app ID by browse play store via browser. For example, Samsung Calculator app has app ID com.samsung.android.wear.calculator
When the watch doesn’t installed that app, it will automatically open play store on watch.

Please explain it in more detail.

Will the same common Samsung apps (like calculator, timer…etc) in Wear OS have different ID?

Looks to me that Samsung apps now have a different app ID. I like to add ‘shortcuts’ to apps on the watch face, but none of the Tizen app ID work on the GW4 and the apps aren’t on the Play Store (Stopwatch, Weather and SHealth (for GW4), for example)

Is there a way of finding the app ID on the watch itself, or Wearable app?

Try running simple adb commands

adb connect 192.168.xxx.xxx:5555 (your watch IP address & enable debugging)
adb shell
pm list packages

You will get an output list like this


Thank you - just what I needed!

I don’t understand this.
It is said to be a command that has been entered in the Command window but cannot be executed.
Is there a separate program to install before that?

Hi. You need to have adb installed (Android SDK platform tools). Just search google for detailed guide + how to use adb

Oh, really thanks~~!!