Application reloads on SmartHub Preview click

I’ve building tizen application, and use angular 2+ for it.
I add JSON url to config.xml for smart hub preview support.
<tizen:metadata key='' value='endpoint_URL=...'></tizen:metadata>
And add this lines to prevent app reload on preview banner click.

    <tizen:src name='index.html' reload='disable'></tizen:src>
    <tizen:operation name=''></tizen:operation>

But my app reloads on every preview click, and I don’t know how to prevent this.
This is location from app console.

href: "file:///home"
origin: "file://"
pathname: "/home"

As you see, I use routing in my app, and I can’t rewrite all app to use only index.html route.
Maybe there is another solution, how to prevent this app reload?
Thank you for help!

I replaced routing to href=file:///index.html, and the app stops reloading on smart hub click.
But without normal routing, my app doesn’t work good :slight_smile:
Any ideas? Maybe there are some options that I can provide in config.xml?