Smart Hub Public Preview not working on Tizen 4 and 5

I have a problem - Smart Hub Public Preview not shown in my app on Tizen 4 and 5, works only on Tizen 3.
I did everything from this page, nothing helps - Smart TV - Build | Samsung Developers
Here is my config file - (74.3 KB)
Tried to add this line in xml, but still previews not shown

<tizen:metadata key='' value='2.4'></tizen:metadata>

Maybe preview section shown only if install app from market? Because I install my test app from Dev mode (via Tizen Studio).
Can anybody help me with this problem? Thank you!
Maybe there is some way to check errors inside Samsung TV?

You are probably modyfing window.location in the app (ie in router).

reload=‘disable’ prevents reloading index.html. When application receives app control request and page is different, application will be reloaded.

You can find more about appcontrol in Tizen documentation.

No, I created an empty project in Tizen Studio (empty index.html), add a link to json in xml, and install this app on TV via Tizen Studio.
On Tizen 3 I can see the smart hub section in the TV menu, but in Tizen 4 and 5 this section is missing.
On screenshot you can see this section.