Are "adaptive_fast_charging"/"super_fast_charging"/"wireless_fast_charging" available for writing?

Hi Samsung developers community. Maybe someone has information according using Samsung specific properties adaptive_fast_charging/super_fast_charging/wireless_fast_charging. It is possible to read/write to these properties in Android 11 and Android 12 using android.provider.Settings.System#putInt but the same actions fail on Android 10 and Android 13.

Stack-trace of exceptions which is gotten on attempting to disable/enable fast charging
You cannot keep your settings in the secure settings.

vjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: You cannot keep your settings in the secure settings.

Does anyone know whether there is any chance to get access to these properties on Android 10/Android 13
Regards, Mykola

Hello there Nikolay

Did you check if this issue occurs on other Android 13 devices too (such as the pixel devices)? Or is this issue exclusive to Samsung devices only?

Hi, thank you for response. These properties are Samsung specific properties

Hi Nikolay.
Oh. Which device(s) did you test this on?
Also, it would be helpful if you could provide some sample code/project for testing the issue.

Hi. This issue is met on any Samsung smartphone which has Android 13. I have attached example project (386.3 KB)

First step to press the button “allow write to settings permission”, after this you can test by pressing on buttons: “write 0 to adaptive fast charge” and “write 1 to adaptive fast charge
The function executed when these buttons are pressed:


Which does one main thing:


Hi @EA01, Could you please provide me any help, really want to get my application working on Android 13 not only Android 11 and Android 12