Auto execution of existing SPO2 app on GW3 via new APP

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I was curious if it is possible, for example, to start the existing SPO2 app by using of an API. So not a completely new app that uses the sensor data, but an app that automatically starts the existing SPO2 app on the Galaxy Watch 3 instead of clicking manually on ‘Measure’ (whereby results are written to Samsung Health).

Is this possible? And if so, does anyone know what code I could use to trigger the execution of this app (automatically)?

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Samsung Health is a proprietary algorithm for health and does not have a public API so you can’t access that directly. There is at least one code example in GitHub that tells how to get the information from the sensors to create your own SpO2 monitor but it all depends on what language you are using.

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Hi Ron,

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Are you also not able to run the original SPO2 app automatically by using some code? Actually you can run the SPO2 app manually by clicking on ‘Measure’ when you have opened the app on your watch. Only thing what I want to do is running the SPO2 app automatically/scheduled every x minutes (So basically create a app which just do the “clicking on Measure” automatically).


Hi Serhat,

There is no app or sensor for SpO2. There are body sensors that use lights to get your body information. That is then used by Samsung Health for human readable information. Since Samsung Health is not open API you would need to develop your own app that reads it.

Having said that since the user has to be still quite a while when taking the SpO2 information; it is not very practical to schedule readings in the same way as Heart Rate.

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I would like to know how to read the info about these body sensors that use lights (PPG) to develop my own app to determine SpO2.

Privileged Health Partnerships is open now. The Developer Partnership is still closed.

On this page New Health PlatformSamsung Privileged Health SDK | Samsung Developers Samsung Privileged Health SDK you can apply for the Partner App Program. That looks like it is only for established companies that currently have Health apps. This new SDK is only for Wear OS Powered by Samsung Devices.

Below that it has
Note :

The existing Samsung Health SDK for Android will continue to be supported. Also, for existing Samsung Health SDK for Android partners, we will shortly provide a guide for the use of the New Health Platform.
Go to Samsung Health SDK for Android. Samsung Health SDK for Android | Samsung Developers Where it says
Note :

We are currently going through an update to better support our partners. For that reason, we will not be accepting any applications for the Partner Apps Program at this time.

But you can download the old Android Health SDK there but you can’t get a health developer key so you can’t run it on your device in Developer Mode like you could in 2019

You can write your own health code in Tizen Studio for Check out this site

but it would be useful if you are writing Native, .net or web app. I think there are examples on GitHub.

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