Samsung Health app Issue

My app has developed an issue. Version

When I use Walking for exercise it does not show the map. The map screen is blank. Also when I sync with my Gear Fit2 Pro the map is not displayed. Additionally all previous exercise maps are blank now. I verified that other users are experiencing the same problem.

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Samsung Developer Program

I am also having same issue, I am basically trying to integrate the site with the health app but not working. How this can be fixed?

You need to be a Health Partner to access the Health API for full use. Get Information on the Samsung Health Page

Samsung Developer Program

This Health partnership is really avaliable for now? Or you are waiting, for example, more partners to release it?

Privileged Health Partnerships is open now. The Developer Partnership is still closed.

On this page New Health PlatformSamsung Privileged Health SDK | Samsung Developers Samsung Privileged Health SDK you can apply for the Partner App Program. That looks like it is only for established companies that currently have Health apps. This new SDK is only for Wear OS Powered by Samsung Devices.

Below that it has
Note :

The existing Samsung Health SDK for Android will continue to be supported. Also, for existing Samsung Health SDK for Android partners, we will shortly provide a guide for the use of the New Health Platform.
Go to Samsung Health SDK for Android. Samsung Health SDK for Android | Samsung Developers Where it says
Note :

We are currently going through an update to better support our partners. For that reason, we will not be accepting any applications for the Partner Apps Program at this time.

But you can download the old Android Health SDK there but you can’t get a health developer key so you can’t run it on your device in Developer Mode like you could in 2019

You can write your own health code in Tizen Studio for Check out this site

but it would be useful if you are writing Native, .net or web app. I think there are examples on GitHub.

Samsung Developer Relations