Accessing raw SpO2, EDA, ECG, and temperature data

I am a researcher working on measuring physiological data such as SpO2, EDA, ECG, and temperature data. We would like to use Galaxy smartwatch 3 as a monitoring device for the research. However, before buying a lot of devices, i need clear and detailed information about the accessibility of SpO2, EDA, ECG, and temperature raw data. If i need to develop a samsung watch app that read and process through custom algorithms raw data coming from these sensors, is it possible?

I just want clear and detailed information before buying a lot of devices.

You have to use Tizen Studio to access Watch Sensors. You can write as Web App or Native C/C++ for most sensor data. How it is interpreted is determined by the developer. There are examples in GitHub on most of this.

Here is the link to web app sensor data

Samsung Developer Relations

Perfect. Thank you
So I can create web app, install in the watch and allow the app to sync the raw data in cloud server?

Additionally, it looks like the Tizen web studio for web is not supported for Mac OS Big Sur?