Barometer and Altimater

I made a watchface which contains complications and i use them to add baromater and altimater manually. But when on way with car barometer doesnt change instantly, but in barometer application it changes when moving down or up. You have to wait for a while to see the changes on watch face. And i coulnt find to way refresh the data. It changes itself after for a while. is there a way to see instant changes of barometer values on watch face ? at the stock watchface named Digital dashboard it changes instantly.
For altimater i installed an application from store to watch and select in complication it works but not values not coming instantly you have to wait for a while (i dont know how much time).

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Real Simple answser.
These 3rd party designed complications have to use the system Application Programming Interface (API) to access data. Generally you only access that on regular intervals as it can be a batterydrain and memory waste to do it continually. The Digital Dashboard is part of the core system and has direct access so it can show the data in real time.

Samsung Developer Relations
Samsung Developer Relations

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