Display new data every minute

I like to display on a Wearos watch every minute a new date value. Complications seem to be useless, because they have an update restriction of once every 5 minutes. Expose data to complications  |  Android Developers](ウォッチフェイスの追加機能へのデータの公開  |  Android デベロッパー  |  Android Developers): “The system applies a minimum update period of 300 seconds…”
I made a kind of watch face in a normal watch app, but that app doesn’t stay in the foreground and is constantly replaced with the regular watch face.
What are the options?

This is really a Wear OS developer question not a Samsung Developer issue.

Sometimes Wear OS App Developers visit the Watch Face Studio forum. I can move it there there is a very slim chance you can get help. I’d try in the Android sites.

Samsung Developer Community

Which Android sites? Google returns stackoverflow.com. But they have a kind of social credit system and I am now allowed to post there anymore because I responded to responses without the necessary social credit.

Get a a different email address and use VPN if they blocked your IP address is my only suggestion.

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