Battery drain reported by oneUI for my app only on Galaxy S21 devices

Hi, I am the developer of a government mobile application. I have been receiving user reports that my application has been flagged out by the one UI battery usage statistics on almost solely on Galaxy s21 devices. I have not been able to reproduce the same issue on any of my development nor personal devices, nor can any of my team members.

The battery stats will flag my applcaition as battery consuming while it has 0min of foreground and 0 mins of background activity. I am out of ideas, i and my team have been trying to isolate the issue by removing suspected libraries and feature to no avail.

Is there someone in Samsung Developer Relations that I can contact for further help on this issue?

This sounds more like a platform issue than a developer issue. You can open a developer request on this. I’m not sure they can help but they can escalate it to the One UI team.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you for the reply, I have raised a developer request.