OneUI 5 feature/fix requests

Hello, I’m a Samsung user since a long time. It seems OneUI 5.0 is around the corner (close to release).

You have been adding a lot of features over the years which I appreciate very much. But you are not focusing well on the optimization part, i.e. how well a feature is added & and how well it works, etc. The same goes for battery life, lack of such optimizations & core level optimizations makes something worse with each major update.

I was expecting the UI animations to get smoother even on 60 Hz (for longer battery backup + smoothness), similar to iOS on 60Hz. But not even the glitches with ‘swipe gestures’ are solved completely so far. And for battery on One UI 4.1, I’m getting like 2-2.5 hours less than what I used to get in Android 11.

So far these are the only things I have found to be really annoying when using the phone. They are attached in this thread (videos). And as well as some feature requests.

]- The ‘app switching navigation gesture’ is the one that still exists with glitches, it’s misinterpreting the gestures when things are done fast enough whereas iOS for some reason is able to perform smoothly. (this gesture was performed comparatively faster on iOS, yet no glitches.) [6 videos are attached for reference].

  Video 1 - App switch gesture glitches.
  Video 2 - App Open and Close lag/glitch.
  Video 3 - The famous Camera stutter/lag.
  Video 4 - Look at iOS (Apple) doing 1.
  Video 5 - Look at iOS (Apple) doing 2.
  Video 6 - See MIUI (Xiaomi) doing 1 and 2. (not as good as iOS, but still better)

]- Battery health status in settings (Measure of battery capacity relative to when it was new) needed.

]- Refine and improve the smoothness of all animations more.

]- Improved battery management needed due to increased battery drain in android 12.

]- Stuttery/laggy animations on 60Hz when compared to iOS or older Samsung devices running android 7 (running on 60 Hz).

I know no one uses a phone like this. But this way of testing shows how well the phone can pickup and respond to gestures. (In short, it shows how well it is optimized .). Yes, these glitches happens to me on a day to day usage randomly, especially when I’m doing stuff in a hurry (not just me, most people). It just ruins the experience and makes us feel humiliated in front of iOS users who trash talk on samsung.

Please consider fixing/adding them by sharing it with the respective team.

Thank you for participating in the Samsung Developer Forum. However, this is not the correct forum for end product bug reports, questions or concerns. This forum is for 3rd party developer issues.

I would recommend you use the Samsung Members App for feedback especially if you are a beta tester.

Because end user questions disrupt developer discussion this thread will be removed soon.

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