Battery Optimization in Watch 4

We are Developing a Application for Samsung Watch 4, which requires

  1. Heart Rate to be monitored every 5 minutes once.
  2. Battery Status monitored every 5 minutes once
  3. Reminders are altered in the Watch 4 (driven from the Web APP)
  4. Location of the User is tracked.
    5, Fall is detected

We have Developed the above said features, but Battery is Draining out fast, it last between 4 to 5 hours only.

Please suggest a way to improvise the Batter Life

All I can think of is don’t use location it is battery killer.

Samsung Developer Relations

I would also consider removing Fall detection and giving user option to choose heart rate monitoring interval. Also, use Health Services for heart rate tracking - it’s definitely battery friendly (do not poll sensors programmatically)