Battery drain on GW4 Classic

I have strange situation here. I have GW3 Frontier, my wife just bought GW4 Classic. I made face for my watch in Galaxy Watch Studio, and made same thing for my wife on Watch Face Studio. mine works like a charm but it looks like on my wifes watch its drain battery like crazy?! Everything is the same on both designs. Where and how find the problem on Watch Face Studio or just maybe its watch itself???

Hello Samotnick,

This may not have anything at all to do with your design.
Does she have AoD on
Is hers an Bluetooth (uses mobile Data) or LTE (on full time and can receive calls standalone)
Both of those are big battery users
I found that the health Auto track activity ate my battery
I found that the first two weeks I wore my watch it used a lot more battery than it did after that. I think it learns from how you use it.

Heart Rate, set it to every 4 hours or something like that do not use the continuous read ( unless you converted your gws project to a .tpk binary with that tool.

Hope this helps. I get poorer battery life with GW4 than I did with Galaxy Watch or GW3 but it is not bad and does improve.

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Im testing her watch now. She didnt use AoD but she have she use Wake-up gesture and I thing this is it.
Thanks for replay.

On your phone Samsung Health App’s Settings
Advanced Setting → Auto Detect Activity
I believe that uses a lot of battery, I had better battery life after turning it off.

Right now I use about 30% a day in Battery life when I first got my GW4 Classic it was often over 50% a day.

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I can’t turn it off. It is greyed out and the automatic workout detection cannot be configured.

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Good catch it is my bad, That is only for Tizen Watches

For the Android Watches it is in the Galaxy Wearable App Settings
Samsung Health → Activities to Detect.

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