Battery use

I have multiple (20) similar circular progress bars, each with a different colour and I make individual ones visible depending on the battery state. So green from 100% to 25%, then changing through amber to red between 24% to 5%. Red thereafter.

So I can set the actual colour independently for each version without using tags.

Alternatively, presumably, I could have a single circular progress bar and adjust it’s colour using a complex tag formula based on the battery percentage tag.

Which approach is more battery efficient? Or doesn’t it make any difference?

Does having multiple entities, even though only one is visible at any time, use more battery than a single entity?

I assume I can change entity colour based on tags. I haven’t actually checked that!

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You cannot with Watch Face Studio.

I believe the biggest energy use in a watch face is the light and those would be the same no matter how you created your progress bars.

the easiest way is to have an image with the colors then uncover it using a progress bar with a zero opacity background.

Note: Be careful if you copy one progress bar for more than one purpose there can be sharing issues with the renounces.



That’s very helpful, thanks. Apart from illuminated pixels, what other things are wasteful of battery power and so should be avoided or reduced?

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I would say images swapping in animations . Especially if the images are large . WiFi and GPS . I have noticed that the SPO2 sensor ( RED ) is on constantly if you use it . Whereas the Heart Rate sensor is only on when the Display is ON . I am talking about a Samsung Galaxy 4 Classic .

A favourite Colour changing trick is a modified Version of an Important Contributor to communities Code . Still 3 layers but nice smooth transition .


GREEN = (([BATT_PER]*2-100)*([BATT_PER]>49))
YELLOW = (100-((50-[BATT_PER])*2)*([BATT_PER]<50))
RED = 100

/// more green
green (([BATT_PER]*3)-80)
yellow (100-((80-[BATT_PER]*2)*([BATT_PER]<50)))
red 100

Obviously set the Bars / Icons above each other in the order indicated .

That’s very helpful, thanks. I just looked, on my watch5, and the heart rate led is permanently flashing, even when the display is off. Presumably it’s logging the data. I might change it to periodic as my battery doesn’t last 24hrs.

I have blood oxygen enabled whilst sleeping so I assume that eats quite a lot of battery.

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Which Watch do you have ? The Heart rate Sensor on my watch is Green . SpO2 is red . The two working together give Yellow . I am testing a face with HR on at the moment and can not get it going . Reboot required I think .
So I have it working now . I don’t see the flashing green . As far as I remember there HR is set to test every 10 Minutes . I am on WFS Version 1.3.13 we have a tap there to wake the Hrs sensor . I think it has been withdrawn on the Later version .

The single change I made which has made the battery last almost double the time, is to disable the gesture thing which switches on the display when you lift your arm to look at the watch. Now I have to tap the display which is fine.


Almost everyone I know that has an issue with battery not lasting more than a day (my Pro 5 lasts 3 days) is when you forget to turn Debugging off. That really eats the battery because it is constantly connecting or trying to connect to the Wifi network.

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That is definitely true. But the gesture display function also makes quite a difference!

I didn’t notice it but it may be since I sit at a desk and type all day it just isn’t a big deal :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention the Auto Brightness is also a useful battery saver.

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