Binaries containing cover screen image cannot replace the previous binaries

I tried to update a theme, with the R and S versions, in the Galaxy Store Seller Portal. The R gets replaced, but the S returns the binary error. I’ve checked the version code, package name, everything is order. If I remove the cover image, without even restarting GTS, generate a new A12 apk, and upload it into the portal, then it no longer displays the error.

Is this normal? Only newly created themes can be uploaded with a cover screen?

I also tried to change the cover image with the one I’ve chosen when testing the theme on my Z Flip3 (updated to the latest firmware just half an hour before). My cover image doesn’t show up. I checked both “Choose from my wallpapers” and “Choose from Gallery” (for some reason) and it’s not there. And yes, I used the .apk file that included my cover image.

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Same here. Raise a Ticket

I can’t even read the email !!! Pick a language and stick with it, what’s up with scattering Korean amongst the english???

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And since when can we get a theme approved in two weeks LOL?

With the invalid rejections, it takes at least a month :slight_smile:

“Selection criteria: Theme content registered between June 28 (Tuesday) and July 12 (Tuesday), 2022, and are in the ‘For Sale’ status as of July 12, 2022”

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It’s ok, they will only suspend themes that were made with GTS 9.2.01w.1 or earlier. It’s right there in your email, can’t you read it? :smile:


I don’t think a ticket will help, this is by design?

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