Update new themes with COVER SCREEN

Hi, I’m trying to update some themes with COVER SCREEN (new function on GTS for FLIP4).
But, when i sent to Galaxy Store, I receive an error.


trying to send an update.

The old versions, in binary, there is no “cover screen”, but, I’m trying to do update with this function and I think that is the problem of this error. So, how I will do updates of themes if I’m receiving this error?

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So we can create NEW themes with the “S” binary only, regardless if we use a cover or not. This is because it’s a new attribute, and the “cover” attribute is added to the binary whether a cover is set up in the tool or not.

So you can’t update old themes and add a ZFlip cover because there is an attribute mismatch, so all old binaries would have to be deleted.

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I think so.
I need to delete the old versions (Android Q and R) and leave only new version (Android S)


Yes, correct, sorry. If you delete all the old binaries you can add the cover as an update :slight_smile:

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I raised a Ticket, if we can only upload S OS binaries, then its a bad support. Its only a new image file in the wallpaper apk

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