Bluetooth transfer data slowly

Hello. I am developing of app that is transferring data with bluetooth device(Bluetooth classis, not BLE).

When I test my app on google phone, it works well and transfer data so fast.

But when I test samsung galaxy series(testing at galaxy s10e, s22, tab a7), it works, but slower than google phone.

Why? Is it a bug?

How can I improve the transfer speed of bluetooth classic devices at samsung devices.

Help me, PLEASE.



As far as I am aware, Bluetooth transfer speeds in general are somewhat low compared to other wireless network protocols such as Wi-Fi. And the transfer speeds can vary greatly between devices depending on the Bluetooth chipset and its capabilities of each device, network interference, distance etc. So I highly doubt it is a software bug.
If data transfer speed is a concern, then I would highly recommend you to use another transport protocol such as Wi-Fi and only keep Bluetooth for establishing the initial connection.