Bug with Android 11 and certain Samsung phones

I’ve stumbled upon a bug about multi touch.

It seems that, from the latest Android 11 update, my app cannot get consistent coordinates inside a view.

Tested with S20+ on Samsung lab.

Let’s say i touch a view on its very top left point.
A MotionEvent is spawned and event.getX() and event.getY() returns 0.

BUT… if i press the screen with 2 finger, one in a random screen area and one on the same top-left pixel of the previous view… the latter gets

event.getX() -> 300 (circa, depending on where the View is inside the screen)
event.getY() -> 400 (same)

Is it a bug or i’m doing something wrong?
This didn’t happen with any Samsung phone with Android 10 or any non-Samsung phone

Did you check the issue with other manufacturer’s device? Or it is restricted to Samsung?
If it is restricted to Samsung, then you can report it to the Samsung Developer Support officially with the below information.

  1. Steps to reproduce the issue with sample app
  2. Demo Video if possible
  3. Dumpstate log

Please take the dump-state log by following this:
a) Immediately after issue reproduction, dial *#9900# and if the Debug Level is Disabled/LOW, tap to select MID. This restarts the device.
b) Again dial *#9900# and press “RUN DUMPSTATE/LOGCAT/”
c) When it is finished press “COPY TO SDCARD(INCLUDE CP RAMDUMP)
d) In the main folder of the device file system, there will be created a new folder called “log”. The log file should be there.


Hi! Thank you for the response.

I would like to report it to Samsung but it’s not clear how can i do it.

Is there a page where i can file an issue with all the necessary details?

You can report the issue through this link.
First, sign in with your Samsung Account and then describe the issue in the fields there.