Crashes after upgrading Samsung Galaxy S20 to Android 11

We’ve had a lot of users complaining about crashes on Samsung Galaxy S20’s where our app worked one day with Android 10, and crashed the next day after an Android 11 update. Any ideas?

Same, our support is reporting a lot of people cannot use our app with S20 and Android 11. We’re a bluetooth dependent app, which is already pretty difficult to debug.

What kind of error are you getting in crashlytics?

Did you discover the problem only with Samsung? Actually, I have found some crash reports with pixel devices also in internet. Like-

If you find the issue only with Samsung you can report in Samsung Developer Support officially with below information-

  1. Problem description with demo video
  2. Reproduction route
  3. Logs

Steps To Capture btSnoop & dumpsate Logs-

  1. Press *#9900# on the dialer.
  2. On USER Binary Go to Settings->About Device : Tap 7 times on Build Number to enable Developer Options
  3. Go to Settings->Developer Options->Bluetooth HCI snoop log -> Enable this check box
  4. Flight Mode > On / Off
  5. Press *#9900# on the dialer -> Change Debug Level Disabled/LOW to MID -> Reboot device
  6. REPRODUCE the issue scenario
  7. Then capture the logs.
    a) Press *#9900# on the dialer
    b) Click on “RUN DUMPSTATE/LOGCAT”
    c) It will start dumping the dumpstate.
    d) Once it complete, Click on the “COPY TO SDCARD(INCLUDE CP RAMPDUMP”.
    e) Dumpstate will be stored in the device storage.
  8. Attach the device to PC
  9. Get the logs from the device LOG folder and share it with us.(This LOG folder will contain both btsnoop & dumpstate log files)
    Note : From the log folder in device, please ensure that files ‘dumpstate…’ and ‘btsnoop…’ files are present.

Hope you will get helpful suggestion.


Our issue appeared in Crashlytics when pulling in external documents, either on the device or downloading. Security changes? No issues with Pixels on Android 11. Thanks for the instructions @SNS_1205, I’ll pass those along to trusted testers.


We’ve repro’d this by (a) setting a phone to developer mode and (b) checkbox option to “destroy every activity as soon as the user leaves it.”

Which seems weird. @SNS_1205 @admins is there anything in Samsung’s Android 11 that would resemble this? And yes, we are repro’ing it on Pixels as well now.

Why did you try this option " “destroy every activity as soon as the user leaves it.”"?
To generate dumpstate log and btsnoop log you do not need to turn on this.

We just needed to confirm we’re getting crash stacks. It’s not the one we want, but at least we’re getting one.

What’s weird is that Samsung, unlike Pixels, throws up this screen, which our users never see because it crashes trying to show (below). Is there some way to disable this?