Calling smart contract transaction

I am trying to call a smart contract transaction called “balanceOf” using the callSmartContractFunction method. The blanceOf function is as follows.

{ "constant": true,
   "inputs": [ { "internalType": "address", "name": "account", "type": "address" }  ],
   "name": "balanceOf",
  "outputs": [{ "internalType": "uint256", "name": "", "type": "uint256" }],
  "payable": false,
  "stateMutability": "view",
  "type": "function"

the address in the inputs is the user account address and it should give the balance of a certain type of tokens as the output. I used the following method to get the result.

            public void callMethod (EthereumAccount user) {
                String encodedFunction = getEncodedFunction(user.getAddress());
                    .setCallback(new ListenableFutureTask.Callback<String>() {
                        public void onSuccess(String result) {
                            List outputParameters = Arrays.asList(
                                    new TypeReference<Uint>() {
                            Log.i(tag, "call method" + FunctionReturnDecoder.decode(result, outputParameters));
                        public void onFailure(ExecutionException exception) {
                        public void onCancelled(InterruptedException exception) {


    public String getEncodedFunction(String userAddress){
        List<Type> inputParameters = Arrays.asList(new Address(userAddress));
        List outputParameters = Arrays.asList(
                new TypeReference<Uint>() {
        Function transferFunction = new Function("balanceOf", inputParameters, outputParameters);
        return FunctionEncoder.encode(transferFunction);

the result i get do not match the expected result. What is the correct way to call a smart contract function and get the result? I have looked over the Aerowallet example and I cannot find callSmartContractFunction anywhere. Thank you

There is no direct implementation example callSmartContractFunction method. But in Aero wallet, they have implemented the abi function while implementing sendSmartContractTransaction. You can find the implementation of the abi function there. In your case looks like the balanceOf depends more likely on abi function.