Camera auto focus and zoom camera not working in the web application


I am developing a web application which is a QR Code scanner web application. For QR Code scanning I am using the below library:

In this library MediaDevices class and getUserMedia() function to get the mobile camera access. I have implemented camera auto focus and zoom while getting the camera control in the web app.
The code is as follows:

                        audio: !1,
                        video: {
                            deviceId: {
                                exact: b
				            focusMode:"continuous", // Enable continuous autofocus
                            zoom: 1.5
                    }).then(function (b) {
                        o(b).then(function () {
                            g._isScanning = !0, a()
                    })["catch"](function (a) {
                        c("Error getting userMedia, error = ".concat(a))

But for latest Samsung devices with Android 10 and above the auto focus and zoom are not working on these devices cameras.

The devices we tested on are Samsung S22, A54 and A52. For the auto focus and zoom to work on these devices which library should I use? Or what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Please check if the issue only happens on Samsung devices. If other devices with Android 10 and above work fine then report the issue to the Samsung Developer Support Channel.



I have tried on non Samsung devices as well, on other devices there is no issue of auto focus and zoom, it works fine there. This issue is only on Samsung devices, does html5 QRCode reader camera settings does not work on Samsung devices?

I think you should submit a support request to get support from the Samsung Developers Technical Support team.