Issues with auto-focus and automatic lightning adjustments

Hello there,
I am just a regular user trying to find a meaning and closure about this issues that discord has been specifically having ever since android 12 switch from 11/10 and UI 3.0 to 4.0 and 4.1

With further more testing with friends i have confirmed and isolated that the issue is most likely related with the phones built in software designed auto-focus system where it lights up the darkened areas and the too bright areas begin to get darkened and its been in this constant loop of doing so and never having to get stable with that.

The objects that are closer to camera begin to help making the camera not stutter and become slide-show as in the actual issue is the camera going full 1-2 fps and it speeds up and slows down depending on my movement, but here is where it gets good the preview seems fully clean and normal but then when other people see me they report my camera being in 1fps only on discord app.

Ive tested it further by using DroidCam to help me to use my phone camera better by hooking it up to discord but that only solves 50% of my issues and it does not fix the discord application it self.

Can anyone that is most likely smarter and better than me confirm this issue and why its happening? And whats the workaround and fix for this or what is needed to fix this?

P.S My intention is not to get support rather find people who can tell me what is going on and maybe they know people who know people that work for samsung software development and help and fix this issue.

This forum is for developers. Here, a developer inquired about problems with the Samsung SDK or tools. In light of the user question you posed, I believe you ought to post it on the Samsung Member using the Member App. You’ll receive a specific response.

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