Can't change steps goal


I’m testing a watchface on my newly acquired GW4 Classic.

I have linked the watch to Samsung Health on my phone, where the steps goal is set as 8000. If I look at the S-health steps widget on the watch it shows steps goal as 8000. So far so good.

However when I display the steps goal on the watch face (tag ([SC_GOAL]) it displays 10000 and the steps percentage (tag ([SC_PER]) is also displayed as a percentage of 10000.

I have a feeling that the watch is not getting the steps goal from Samsung Health. Is this a bug or are users expected to set steps goal in another way?



I just noticed this issue too. In Samsung Health my Step goal is 6000 and in Google Fit it is 5000. But the step goal percentage seems to count with a goal of 10 000 steps.
I can also see the step goal in WFS is 10 000 but grayed out, so I can’t change it there.
Where does the goal come from?

On WFS, go to project-> settings.
You can set the value of step goals from there.

The step goal data aren’t sync with S-Health or Google Fit.

Wow. I did not expect much progress, but this is really something. Are those settings just to check the function while creating watch face, or are they hard coded into the binary when built? I mean how is it working later on watch? Can user set these values on the wear OS watch, or does he have to pick in store a watch face with the right values set by the designer?

“he have to pick in store a watch face with the right values set by the designer”.

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OK, good to know. Thank you Matteo for clarifying it.
Even though I did not expect a step back like this.
One more reason to ask for user defined tags.


Thanks for the feedback everyone. But surely this is not an acceptable state of affairs.

The watch asks the user to choose their favoured health app - so I would expect it to retrieve the steps goal from the health app.

I would suggest that this needs to be either a bug-fix or an enhancement request (I see Peter’s already logged it in the Feature Request thread!).

Totally agreed. I’m already getting feedback from users on this side.

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Just to clarify, I can add the Step Count on my watch face, but for now not the Step % (progress bar) as the % will only display the Step Count that I set in “Settings” and not the S-health (as S-health isn’t link to the watch face)

Hi there,

Yes, exactly.