Biggest User Complaint and Refunds - Steps goal

I am constantly getting users refund as they cant get the same steps / goal % from the Watch , why cant we use Samsung native API to read the steps goal having to set this to max 20,000 is a nightmare.

I get some users they say 10,000 is not enough then other users say 20,000 is to much. What are other devs setting for setting steps goal and will Samsung allow us to use the native APIs I dont care for other Android watch devices as I set most of my faces to Watch 4 only.

Please sort this out Samsung!


I also have a lot of refunds, but I never know why. I set my step goal at 10,000.

The WFS development team is aware of this issue. The issue is that WFS currently does not get the data from Samsung Health app.

I don’t think this will be solved this year but I’ll remind the team.

Samsung Developer Relations


Thank you much Ron much appreciated your reply.