Casting to the Default Media player using the javascript SDK

I’m trying to cast HLS streams into a samsung tv. I’m trying to achieve something like what google does with their Javascript Cast Sender SDK.

I have checked the documentation about javascript sender app and also read about the default media player.

The problem is that I don’t know how to use the Default Media Player using the Javascript SDK.

Android example shows that the service that is found by the sdk should have the methods:

  • createVideoPlayer
  • playContent

but the javascript sdk doesn’t provide those methods.

Is there a way that I could send the stream using the javascript sdk?.

I can correctly listen for services, but as I don’t know the application id and channel of the Default Media Player, I can’t connect to it. Even if I do have those values, I wouldn’t know what to send using the publish method.

Any help with this?.

Since no one replied here I’d suggest you try the Forums | Tizen Developers They seem to have more active TV developers but still pretty bare.

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