Change name of Customizations (Complication ID, color, 2nd setting)

Is there a way to change these things?

  • The name of “Colors” and “2nd setting”; There’s two customization methods built into WFS. One is the color themes, which show up on the watch and the phone app as “colors” and there’s Styles, where you can toggle between different images. This is shown on the watch and phone app as “2nd setting”. If you have multiple of these in your watch face, it continues to add “3rd setting”, “4th setting”, etc. It would be nice if there was a way to change these labels. For example have “2nd setting” list as “Background Color” and “Color” as “Text Color”.

  • The ID of complications; When you add complications to your watch face, they get numbered starting at 1. When you delete some, the numbers don’t change. This isn’t shown in WFS, but it shows when editing the complications on the phone app. For example, in my watch face I now have only complications 11 and 12 show up. This isn’t a big deal, but it’s a bit annoying.

I extracted the AAB and APK but couldn’t find editable strings for these, so maybe someone knows about another way to edit these.

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I completely agree with you about adding a rename tab for Complication…, because it will be very confusing when a face has too many custom complications, which makes it difficult for users to distinguish them.
Hopefully an upcoming update will add this option.

Delete your app / watch face and don’t write over it. There are other quirks that happen if you just do a run on device over an older watch face.

If that doesn’t resolve this issue let me know.

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Thanks Ron. I tried that but it didn’t fix it. Also on other devices when installing through apk the issue persists.

It sounds like WFS caches something in the project file. Can you report this as a possible bug?

I’ll try to duplicate it and report it if you can’t but you probably can add issue details better than I would.

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