Changes in Supported Codecs for Samsung TV Apps


Subject: [Seller Office Notification] Changes in Supported Codecs for Sansung TV Apps

Dear Samsung Apps TV Sellers,

The Smart TV models for 2024 have been released and their product specifications are available on the Samsung Developer Portal. You can now also submit your TV applications for 2024 models at the TV Seller Office.

Note that this is the final year of support for the Windows Media codecs, including WMV, VC-1, and WMA. In other words, while 2024 and older TV models continue to support media using these codecs, their playback will not be possible on 2025 and later TV models. You must use an alternative codec to support playback on future devices.

For detailed product specifications and information about codec limitations, see the 2024 TV Video Specifications page (

Thank you.
Samsung Smart TV App Operation Team

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