Charging Event on Watch Face Studio

Hi there, I’m playing around with Watch Face Studio and I was able to do good progress on developing my own Watch Face.

I’ve manage to create an circle progress bar, the % and the battery icon that will change automatically on 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

I was looking for a way to replace the icon with a “CHARGING” icon once I put the Watch to charge. But I wasn’t able to find the EVENT in the Condition line.

I’ve found NO EVENT, BATTERY LOW, UNREAD NOTIFICATION. But I wasn’t able to create a Condition line for the CHARGING EVENT. Could someone give me an hint about it?

Hi, to change icon you cant on a complication slot.
Unless you do wfs designer tag base progress bar and images.

Use the tagg [BATT_IS_CHARGE] and play around with opacity/ the percent thing next to color.

So e.g

To display charging icon

(([BATT_IS_CHARGE] ==1)?0:-100)

And to display not charging image

([BATT_IS_CHARGE] ==1)?-100:0)

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Hi Knightwing,

I’ve do understand what you said but I wasn’t able to realize where I should place the tag,

First I’ve added my “charging image” and I’m trying to have that 100% Opacity and 0% opacity based on the [BATT_IS_CHARGE] … but I wasn’t able to figure out where the tag and condition should go.
Should that go on the % field in the Opacity? In the image appearance section?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, sorry for delay reply. But it the one next to color setting

Sorry no screenshot at the moment.
But its not opacity setting but color which also effects opacity

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Hello, yes it goes in the not described field next to color code. There is a fixed value that you may want to change to 0 plus formula in the field that can be displayed clicking on the tag button in right corner (which shows up when you click in the field first).
Illustration below shows formula for different case (blinking image of separator in digital watch), but that is where the opacity is set.


@Knightwing and @Peter

Thank you. With your help I was able to figure out and make it work!

Thank you so much!

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