Watch Face Studio missing Tag


in Watch Face Studio i can use [BATT_PER] to show battery charge from clock.
I have seen other watch faces and there is battery charge from phone showing.
How to do this in Watch Face Studio, i can’t find a Tag for this :frowning:


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I don’t see any complications that show phone battery charge level so it isn’t possible with WFS.

The ones that are on Galaxy Store that have this feature use a companion app on the phone that controls the information to the watch app. Those watch apps are made with a 3rd party Watch Face design tool.

Samsung Developer Relations

You need to instal on your physical watch this application from Play Market (application that shows phone battery %) and then choose it when you adding complications on your watch face from list of installed applications on watch. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you,

can you tell me the name of the application i have to install on my watch?


I found it “Phone Battery” and so i get a data provider for phone battery