Check TV Status / Ambient Mode or Normal Mode

Hello! In order to integrate my TV into my home automation processes, I use the web API (tvIp:8002/api/v2/channels/) to send commands like sending the Ambient Key to turn on Ambient Mode.
Using this API i would like to check the actual state of the TV. A state would be “TV turned on and ambient mode active”, another state would be “TV turned on and normal mode active” (“normal mode” would be the mode when watching TV or a movie) and the last state would be “TV Off”.

If the TV is on or of can be found by requesting the following URL:
curl [IP of the TV]:8001/api/v2/
There is a field in the response called “PowerState” which is “on” (if the TV is on) or “standby” (if the TV is off). But it tells nothing about the ambient mode.

My question is: how can i find out, if ambient mode is actually turned on?

Hey, do you have some references to this API?

No i could not find any reference to this API. Thats also why i am asking this question here because i can not find any information on it.