Screen Turn On / Off using Web API - Is it possible

Hi all,

We’re developing a Signage application and one of the feature is the possibility of schedule the hour we want the screen to turn on and off.

I’ve used the Web API alterady to get things like the screen model, SDK version, etc. I wonder if turning the screen on and off is also possible using the Web API.

The only info about the subject I could find is this:

Thank you for the help.

I believe for ?Samsung Signage has a new site and there is a community Q & A there as well as the Smart TV seller portal for support.

I would suggest you ask there. If you get no response please let me know as we have some contacts in the Signage team.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks for the answer.

That website doesn’t work well… any option I try it says to login with my samsung account which I already did.

I can’t find information about the question I’ve asked anywhere… maybe it’s not possible to do what I’m looking for?


From this page scroll down a bit and there is a Samsung D Fourm B2B Membership you will need to read the Membership Join Process then click on Join where it asks you to sign in to Samsung Account then it goes to a form for you to fill out. It didn’t matter if I had already signed in I had to sign in again through that portal.

I tried this on my work account and on my personal account from home and they both worked.

If it sill doesn’t let you apply Let me know again Monday.

Samsung Developer Relations

Samsung Developer Relations