Conditional expressions in AOD Mode

I have some conditional tag expressions in my watch face which don’t appear to work in AOD mode.

For example, to show an image when the heart rate is greater than a certain value. In AOD mode however the image shows all the time regardless of heart rate.

Test case:

  1. Create a new watch face. Place a Digital clock on it anywhere just so we have something to look at.
  2. Add an image. Set the opacity of the image to zero and add the following tag expression in the opacity field: 100*([MIN]%2).
  3. Ensure both time and image fields are also showing in “Always-On” mode.
  4. The preview window shows the image appearing every other minute in both active and AOD modes.
  5. Build the face and load it onto a watch
  6. In active mode the image shows every other minute as expected. In AOD mode the image shows all the time.

I’ve also seen this with other tag expressions that use tags such as [HR] and [LANG_LOC] so I assume it is likely to be a generic issue with AoD mode?

I’m happy to raise a bug report if appropriate.



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HI Rob,

Please report it. It may be that heartrate does not work in AoD mode. There are a few things that WFS allows that are not supposed to be done in AoD mode (at least for Galaxy Watch4). In any case it seems like a bug to me.

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