Tags in Watch Face Studio not works


I use the Watch Face Studio to create Watch4 clock faces for my watch.
Tags can also be used for text fields (e.g. [HR] for the pulse rate or [HR-MEASURING] whether the measurement is currently in progress)
What I can’t manage, however, is the use of conditions in the tags, for example:
[HR-MEASURING] == 1? 0: [HR]
This means that 0 and the pulse rate should be displayed in the text field during the measurement.

What am I doing wrong?


I think you want something like this
( [HR_IS_MEASURING]? 'No' : 'Yes') ([HR])
for example the text would be something like Yes 100
You can replace ‘No’ with 0 and ‘Yes’ with [HR]

Samsung Developer Relations

This is a correct expression, but you have to wrap it in parentheses for calculation.

([HR_IS_MEASURING] == 1?0:[HR])

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Now it works, thank you!