Control audio via bluetooth headset

I’ve created an audio player app using Tizen.Multimedia.Player, however it does not respond to my bluetooth headset’s commands (play/pause/next/fwd) when playing.

Instead, clicking on the headset’s play button launches Samsung’s music player and controls it from there.

I tried playing with AudioStreamPolicy(AudioStreamType.Media) and AudioStreamPolicy.AcquireFocus but that did not make any difference (I don’t know if setting a policy is even necessary).

Any advice is appreciated.

Not every Bluetooth headset’s button functions as expected. Do the same headset works fine with official or popular music players?

Yes, it does work fine with Samsung’s music player and Spotify.

The problem is that if the headset button is pressed while my app is playing audio, Samsung’s player wakes up and start playing in parallel. I would like to be able to intercept the headset commands so that my own app could respond instead.