Launch mobile app from tizen app

Hello, is it possible to launch a mobile application from the Tizen application using Bluetooth?

There are watch apps in the store that open the camera or music player on the mobile so it must be possible. I don’t believe they use a companion app.

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Thank you so much for replying.

But could you please let me know under which topic is it in?
I tried to study the documents but failed to find them.

Thank you

Hi, please try the following code:
app_control_set_operation(app_control, APP_CONTROL_OPERATION_DEFAULT);
app_control_set_app_id(app_control, “”);
app_control_add_extra_data(app_control, “deeplink”, url.c_str());
app_control_add_extra_data(app_control, “type”, “gear”);
app_control_send_launch_request(app_control, NULL, NULL);

Thank you for your supports.

Unfortunately, I am developing a web application.
Or is there a way to push notifications to mobile devices directly from the Tizen web app?

Thank you.

There is the same API for web apps - just use the same set of arguments.

I went through the document, but I am not sure whether it also applies to Android application…
Isn’t Bluetooth necessary to call another application from other device?

I’m using this api to open Galaxy Store and Google Maps on mobile. No additional software is required on Android device.
There is also more flexible, remote api (remote_app_control_create), check example here: