Creating thumbnails returns "Unknown error" with "Unsupported content" message

Hi! I’m receiving file using SAP. After file receive, I call tizen.content.scanFile and after scan success I’m calling tizen.content.createThumbnail which returns “Unknown error” with “Unsupported content” message.

If I try to send file back to phone, file opens correctly. File made with phone camera.

Photo sample and error screen in attachment

What am I doing wrong?
Code sample:

				if (c.contentURI === path){
					tizen.content.createThumbnail(c, function (path){

					}, function(error){




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Are you sure found content under path is image file? Log into console ‘path’ value to make sure what it is. You can even check by showing it in your app by calling img src=“path”

Thank you for response! It’s really good check, but image is shown and error still there. Please, check:
Image is visible on watch (trust me :slight_smile: )

Same path I’m trying to create thumbnail

And error here:

Please notice, image shows in gallery as broken one, but can be opened and viewed.

Ok, I’ve made some extra tests.
Before creating thumbnail I call “scanFile” and on success callback I’m calling “createThumbnail” because

  • Tizen 4.0 don’t create thumbnail in gallery with scanFile and createThumbnail returns error
  • Tizen 2.0 create thumbnail with scanFile but don’t have createThumbnail menthod.

Verdict: tizen 4.0 have broken content database functionality.
Where can I report bug to force Samsung’s developers team check and fix this?

Maybe Tizen creates a thumbnail image after opening Galley app? Could you check it? Obviously it doesn’ help you. You will have to create programming thumbnail after reading a file to javascript code.

No, gallery don’t create thumbnail after opening file.
Do I have direct access to multimedia db directly from JS?