GWS error - Unsupported or unrecognized format

Can anyone help me figure out were this error comes from? “Unsupported or unrecognized format”
I only have it on 2 or 3 of my faces, when opening the faces in GWS 2.0,
everything looks and works perfectly on the watch and Run command in GWS.

I went as far as deleting every layer and saving and reopening the face, to see which layer was the culprit, but had no luck… even with all layers deleted from the face the error still pops up.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Unsupported or unrecognized format|483x178

Hi Razaa
Maybe you have a jpeg or a Psd file format which was added into GWS at some point by error
which is prompting the error message.
It has happened to me in the past, so look out for that in your images
It is clearly an unsupported file format or something the new version does not support from the old GWD(animation file)

make a copy of your GWD project file. Then rename the project file with .zip instead of .gwd. You can then open it with a zip app and look at the resources. One of them is corrupt like Malcolm said probably a .psd that is in the project as a .png file.

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thanks for your quick reply guys, i will try that,
funny part is i deleted each layer and saved the face every time, until the face had no more layers ( was empty) even removed AOD mode, and error message still appeared :joy:

Galaxy Watch Studio keeps all the resources in the project folder even if you delete them from the project. So even if they aren’t used you can still get this error message. If you find the file in one it probably is something you have in all the others too.

Only the resources are included in the built .tpk file.

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i see, got it now, will try the zip part, see if i find the missing file, thanks again :grin:

I have found the culprit :smiley:
changing extension to .zip of the .gwd file, extracted everything in a new folder, one of the images a .png file (a battery bar) was not showing anything in Photo Viewer.

changed extension back from .zip to .gwd, opened it in GWS, deleted the image, added it again, error message still appeared when opening the .gwd file, changed .gwd again to .zip opened the .zip file with WinRAR removed the damaged .png file from /res folder changed the .zip back to .gwd and opened the .gwd file again in GWS, no more error message :smiley:
posted it here maybe it will help someone else

Thanks again for the suggestions, i can continue my work now with a new face :wink:

P.S. “damaged” file, i think, it was added from a .psd file