Custom .wgt file installing issue

** Trying to track ‘Home’ key , which we cannot.

** We are developing a web app by using HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT for Samsung Tizen TV. After build signed package the application getting a .wgt file and placing it to Tomcat server.
Tools using: Tizen Studio 5.0
Server: JBoss server (placing created wgt file and sssp_config.xml file in Tomcat server)
Programming Technology: HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT

Facing Issues:

When going to install web app through URL Launcher in Samsung Tizen TV showing error.

Note: We have a sample signed web application that is provided by Samsung team. That is smoothly installing on Samsung Tizen TV and running.
But our created sample signed web application is not installing On Samsung Tizen TV. We followed all the instructions given on Samsung Tizen web site to create author and distributer certificate also.

Steps for installing web app through ssp_config.xml file in Samsung Tizen TV

Step 1:

Placed signed .wgt and ssp_config.xml file in a Jboss server directory (Linux system)

Directory: /var/www/html.

our sssp_config.xml file is like this

1.0.0 39751 JAN312023Test tizen

TV and my computer is connected through internet and all necessary setting done for TV and my system

Waiting for your early response. We are stuck over her.


Make sure you do not have a Tizen distributor certificate in your profile if this is a Samsung smart TV
Only use a Samsung Tizen Distributor Certificate and Author Certificate. That is generally the reason they won’t sideload onto a television.

If that isn’t it you may need to ask this in the Smart TV Seller Office. They prefer to do support via that channel.

Samsung Developer Relations (2.3 MB)
Please find uploaded documents. Where mentioned all the steps, i have been followed.

I think the instructions misled you. the instructions on this page clearly states using the Samsung distributor certificate and not Tizen.

It may be out of date because they are trying to make Tizen OS for Smart TVs be the main OS.

I know that it used to be Samsung Devices require a Samsung Distributor certificate to install. If you have both it will not install. But I’m not sure how your example worked if you had that so I am not 100% certain

Check and if using the Samsung Distributor Certificate didn’t resolve this let us know.

Samsung Developer Relations