Install WGT file to Samsung TV UE32M5520


I have Tizen Studio 3.6 (x64)

mobile sdk 5.5.
Wereable sdk 5.5.
mobile sdk 5
tv extension 5.5

My project works fine in "TIZEN WEB SIMULATOR APPLICATION (Samsung TV).

I created certificate for my TV via certificate manager.

TV is connected in device manager (with certificate associated).

I tried to install application via USB to my SAMSUNG TV but when I plug in usb pen drive, the installation process doesn’t start and I see only the pen drive connected.

I followed these steps:

To Run on TV, copy the .wgt file in USB drive in directory named userwidget . Plug in the USB drive in Tizen TV. TV will install the application. Go to Smart Hub-> My Apps and run the installed application.

I tried even install via WIFI network but issue is unresolved:(