Dark Mode prevents WebXR AR session from displaying any content

When viewing WebXR AR content in Dark Mode, the camera feed of the real world and the 3D AR content is completely blank / black.

When viewing the same WebXR AR content not in Dark Mode, the camera feed and AR content display as expected.

Steps to recreate:

  • Switch Samsung Internet into Dark Mode
  • Visit some WebXR AR content, for example:
    Barebones AR
  • Hit ‘Enter AR’
  • Observe that the DOM overlay is still visible and indicates that a WebXR session is in progress, but the camera feed and WebXR content is not visible
  • Now turn off Dark Mode
  • Reload the same content
  • Enter AR
  • Observe that the camera feed and AR content is now visible

Tested on:
Android 12
Samsung Internet


How long have you been facing this issue? Is it from a new update?

Hi @Nuke
This first came to my attention April 13.
I can’t say if it was an issue prior to then, as we were not reviewing in dark mode.
I was first able to confirm it was an issue in public, and beta.
It is still an issue public and beta
This is observed on Pixel 4 XL, Android 12

Not sure when exactly this changed, but I’m retesting in public, and it appears to be fixed.