Samsung Browser not supporting WebXR on S9

I am using model-viewer to create some AR content. When I try opening AR on Galaxy S9, WebXR crashers and defaults to scene-viewer (which doesn’t suit me). Also tested some WebXR examples from their examples page and same result, WebXR doesn’t start.

When tested in Chrome all the links work as expected and open WebXR. So I’m guessing it has something to do with Samsung browser and its WebXR compatibility.

Also worth mentioning that the same WebXR content works when tested on Samsung browser on Galaxy Tab S4.

These are the console logs I got when inspecting the page on chrome://inspect

I just updated the browser on the S4 Galaxy Tab and now it defaults to Scene-Viewer too instead of WebXR, so it has something to do with the latest version of the browser.

It seems that the issue is resolved with the newest version of Samsung Internet (v24.0.3.4)

Came here to report this. I concur.

WebXR immersive-ar session is failing on Samsung Internet

Immersive-VR sessions seem to still work.

This can be seen by viewing WebXR demos at WebXR - Samples

Testing in beta and WebXR immersive-ar sessions are working again.

When is v24 going to get released? This issue broke a bunch of WebXR content. Seems like Samsung Internet is long overdue a release update. We’re having to consider implementing browser agent detection to block Samsung Internet users.


Samsung Internet v24.0.3.4 has already been released. Please update your version of Samsung Internet.

Samiul Hossain
Samsung Developer Relations

For any reason, the update is not yet visible on the Play Store. It still shows the v23 (november '23) as the latest available version.

Hello Pablo,

Could you please update the app from the Galaxy Store? It is also possible that it is unavailable in your region at the moment.

Samiul Hossain
Samsung Developer Relations


Thanks for taking a look.

I’m testing Samsung Internet on Google Pixel device running Android 13.

Samsung Internet app is currently on v23.0.1.1

No update available.

Google Play store (in UK at least) shows Samsung Internet is still on v23.0.1.1, released Nov 23, 2023

Samsung’s Release notes here suggest it’s still on v23.0.1.1, released Nov 30, 2023:

Testing on same device with Samsung Internet beta v24 and beta v25, WebXR AR sessions work again.


The update will be available on the Google Play Store by next month. It is already available on the Galaxy Store for Samsung devices.

Samiul Hossain
Samsung Developer Relations

Great. Good to know. Thanks

Webxr is also freeze and camera didnt pop up when enter AR in the samsung S23 FE. Is it will be fixed in the next version of samsung browser? Currently i use samsung internet browser v. 25. Thanks