Debug webpage for 'Warn about Malicious Sites'

I wont divulge what website is affected (because I cannot) however our website requires a user to authenticate and the behaviour we are observing is that upon successful authentication Samsung Internet displays a warning associated to the ‘Warn about Mailicous Sites’ setting
! This website maybe harmful

This website may install malicious software or collect your personal information. Visiting this website is not recommended”

Its something that is unique to Samsung Internet, other Chromium based browsers do not present the message. How would one go about diagnosing what and how is triggering the message?

Having already combed debug menu, Solved: Hidden features of Samsung Internet - Samsung Members and performing a network capture (How to capture a NetLog dump) that does not really reveal why the warning prompt occurs. Perhaps theres a log I have overlooked.

Any advice gratefully appreciated.

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I get this on some sites with Bitdefender but didn’t with a previous virus protection. But it could be Samsung Internet, I’m just curious

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I have the same problem - just started about a week ago. I can’t figure it out, either.
Any news?

Are you on Windows 11?

See what search engine you are using for your browser. I noticed Microsoft added a plugin for SecureSearch or something like that and when I went back to Google for a search engine the warning went away.

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So we received a support request about a similar issue on a web page. Upon analysis, the Samsung Internet team found that the web page adds navigation histories aggressively without any user interaction. It was more than 50 when our team tried to test it.

It can give users a bad experience, which is why Samsung Internet warns users about this abnormal behaviour.

The web page you are having issues with might have similar/other problems. Can you please create a 1:1 support request at Developer Support | Samsung Developers along with the website link so we can give you more dedicated help?

Samiul Hossain
Samsung Developer Relations