Not showing popup window with auth when connect to Captive portal

Hello. I’m sorry, but I can’t figure out where I can ask my question. So I will try ask my question here.
I’m developed Captive Portal and all phones which connect to the Internet open their popup windows with dialog where user can input their phones and get SMS message with code. But on Samsung phones not open that dialog window.
Then I debug that issue. I see the phone got IP, ask DNS which IP of address, I give my local IP address, and web server before had gone 302 response, it was not worked. I read a lot of forums, Samsung wait 200 response when it’s need to authorize. Ok, I did some page with 200 response and link to auth page, but it’s not work anyway. (((
My question is: What I have to do in my Captive Portal for Samsung it’s will be working ?

I moved this to the Samsung Internet topic. It may be an issue with Samsung Internet. If that isn’t it and it isn’t a permissions issue, I don’t know where else to go for help.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hello there.
Can you please provide some screenshots or recording of your problem so that I can understand your problem better?
I also had a few questions about your web application

  1. What exactly does your web application do functionality wise?
  2. What is the expected normal behavior?
  3. Which problems occur when you try to use it with Samsung internet?

Hopefully it’ll be possible to pin down the problem and provide a solution if you provide these additional information. Have a nice day ^^