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Is there a way to change the default font list in WFS? I added a bunch of fonts I like to a project, but they didn’t show up in the font list of other projects or a new one I created to test this. I also tried installing the fonts in Windows, still no luck.

In my search for this, I found some discussion about it but I am confused as to the answer…it seems there might be a way but it involves modifying some info in a build folder(?). I’m sure I got that wrong, hence my asking here.
Is it possible to alter the default fonts in WFS? Thanks in advance!

hi @bruce.bergdahl, after selecting TEXT COMPONENT, Go to the properties of “TEXT APPEARANCE”, Select the drop down list and select ADD FONT. You can add different font one by one. Also note, all those font should be in your system too (means contronl panel and in font folder). And then the font will appear here. You need to select everytime the text component to change your desired font.

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@nobel.mixed @bruce.bergdahl
You can create a font folder in users… WatchfaceStudio/ folder it makes it easier to search for them. No Folder is created for you when you install Watchface Studio.


Thanks, yeah I didn’t explain it very well, my fault for typing-tired, lol. I’m aware of how to change the fonts, but what I should have explained is how to add fonts globally, once. And then having the added fonts show in the font list in every new project, rather than having to add these fonts each time I make a new face. I don’t see any way of doing that. Thanks for your time tho :grin:

Thanks, Ron.

I searched everywhere I could find in the WFS program directory for a “fonts group” or something but couldn’t find anything so I’m assuming the fonts displayed are retrieved from an XML file or something. Is there really no way of adding new fonts globally, as I posted in reply to @nobel.mixed? In other words, I have to add the fonts I want each time I make a new project?

The global ones are stored in a folder that is removed everytime you update Watch Face Studio so you don’t want to store them there.
They only have to be in a folder that is discoverable when you design your watch face.
So if you put them in

When you create a new project and you select the font the first time you do need to add it but …
The path to your Font folder is remembered so it is easy
The font stays at the top of the list and will be in the list from then on.

So it is 99% of what you want to do and is simpler in the long run than searching the default fonts list.

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Cool, thanks again Ron. BTW, your timely responses are awesome!