Developing an app that requires 60 fps video capture+image analysis

Hi all, could use some help – I saw a post about this back in July, but hoping there might be some advances since then :crossed_fingers:

We are using the CameraX APIs to develop an Android app that requires 60 fps video capture+image analysis, however it appears that so far in our tests Galaxy S21, S23 only allow up to 30. The native camera apps can go much higher than this, so we know the hardware is capable. How can we enable 60 fps for our app?

Thank you!

As far as I Know only 30 FPS is accessible by Samsung devices.



may I ask, how you found that out?

I have the exact same problem as @tenprint . I absolutely need 60 fps access for image analysis (maybe even more; the higher the better) - the resolution doesn’t really matter. Even 480x270 pixels would be sufficient for my purpose. I just need high fps but since a year I can’t find a solution for that problem with my Galaxy S10 - and even the Galaxy S21F of my friend doesn’t seem to be capable of more than 30 fps with CameraX which I can’t really believe.

Is it really just Samsung that decides to block access to more than 30 fps for all APIs that aren’t made by themselves in order to give their own apps an advantage? Or is there any deeper meaning or reason behind the lack of support?

If anyone knows more about that issue or possible workarounds for it, PLEASE tell me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance