Development of 3D Scan Application by using DepthVision (ToF) Camera

I 'm a researcher and I want to develop a 3D scan application of scanning foot by using the DepthVision (ToF) camera on Note10+. However, there are no official SDK for controlling the DepthVision camera. In other topics, there are some methods for getting the depth image of the DepthVision camera. Nevertheless, I also need the intrinsic parameters of the DepthVision camera and the color camera and the extrinsic parameters between them to reconstruct a 3D point cloud of the foot with texture. Does anyone know how to get the above-mentioned parameters? And I also want to know is there possible that official SDK for controlling the DepthVision camera will appear in the future?

Would you please check below resource and let us know if these help you?


Camera extrinsic and intrinsic parameters are exposed via Camera2 APIs. Any regular device on the market will advertise a valid value.

Please check below APIs,