TOF Camera on Samsung A51 and other midrange phones

While I understand that on the higher end models it is possible to access the depth readings from the TOF cameras, I would like to know if it’s also possible to do so on the mid-range models such as the A50 and A51.

I tried using the 3D scanner app provided by Samsung and while it did install, it failed reporting that a range sensor was needed.

Since the A51 does in fact have a TOF sensor, is there some API that provides access to it?

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Doing a bit more investigation, on the A51 the camera2 API camera capabilities does not report DEPTH_OUTPUT for any of its three cameras.

So apparently the TOF camera is not readily accesible through the standard API.

Is there some non-standard API by which one may access it? Or is it intentionally hidden…?

Not directly in relation with your issue but… actually on my A71 when i try to get the camera list i only have two cameras listed (id=0 and id=1) ! (classical back and front cameras)

Previously, on the s10 there was a third camera id (id=2) to use the wide camera, … but not on the A71.
Do you have access to the 3 cameras on your A51 ? if so, could you give me some details :slight_smile:

Hello, I have tried camera_manager.getCameraIdList().
It gave me 0, 1, 2, 3.
After switching from Spinner I got:

I want to open the Wide Angle using 2/3 Camera.