Device Authentication (Multi-Window) Issues

I’m working on an app that we’d like to use with DEX. The one stumbling block we have is that we’re using however we’re using androidx.biometric or the system pin to control access to our app. (e.g., if you background the app and do something else for a period of time, when you come back to the app, you need to re-authenticate your pin or biometrics).

Operating in phone mode, when we launch the system pin or biometrics input, that replaces our app window, however on dex, these show as additional, separate windows - which can be dragged out of the way, and our app can still be used.

Can anyone point me to an example of, or make recommendations on how to do this properly on DEX?

Actually, this appears to be working now - last time I actually tested this was a problem (about a year ago), but I just retested and the system pin/biometrics appears to be working properly now!