Requesting for a development to allow running Dex on the S22 phone screen

Hello dear developpers.

This is a last chance request to run Samsung Dex on the screen of my Galaxy S22.

At the moment and according to official Samsung support, DEX is only running when connected to other screen monitor or PC using the hdmi or wifi.

In the past, if you downloaded DEX as an app in old phones, you were able to run DEX on the screen of your Smartphone, therefore, if you connect bluetooth keyboard and mouse you could have a microlaptop to work remotely from anywhere, with just minimal setup.

I know screen may look tiny, but for people like me who does like to carry the minimal with low energy consumption, this solution would be phenomenal.

I kindly appeal to any dev out there who would like to help me with this unsolved feature by Samsung.

Thank you very much


You might try the DeX section on GitHub I think that is where the DeX developers site is at.

Samsung Developers Relations

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